Day 26

A very busy weekend made me miss a couple days. Here is an 8 x 10 of a yellow hibiscus. I may want to go back and brighten up the whites and yellows, So I’m not sure if it’s quite done yet.

Day 24 

6×8 Tobacco Row 

Country Roads in Berks county this time year you see a lot of tobacco barns with  tobacco hanging ,  airing out to dry.

Day 22. Waiting

6×12 oil of a wedding dress a friend asked me to paint. It’s not really finished but getting close.

Day 21

For day 21 I wanted to finish this piece. It’s 20 x 20 and was like an abstract paint, all  patterns and pieces. I love how it turned out.

Day 20

6.5×13 Re-do of little green apples that I sold to Harry Bentz. A friend of mine wanted me to repaint it for her kitchen. I hope she likes it and she still wants it!

Day 19

 This is my happy place. When Karen Weber challenged me to do a self-portrait I wasn’t going to do it. Then I came across this photo and thought perfect. So this is my self-portrait, 8 x 10 there is a lot of glare in the photo, and could use some more work, but I like it.

Day 17

Another 5×5 done mostly with a pallet knife.