Artplus Gallery studio tour

There still time to get your tickets for the Artplus Gallery studio tour. I am ready to go. The tour goes today from 10 to 4 and tomorrow from 10 to 4. The tickets are available at each of the stops, my address is four Matz Drive and I have tickets for you.

Light Shines Through

Another Nolde forest painting from a photo I took on an early morning walk. I’ve always loved the way light shines through the forest and attempted to capture that in this painting.

Biltmore Lilies

 This summer I had a chance to visit the Biltmore estate in Asheville North Carolina. The gardens  there are beautiful and I took hundreds of pictures.  These particular lily pads fascinated me, I thought they were beautiful so I decided to paint them.  The only thing missing is a big fat toad sitting on one of those pads.

Granny Green

I still had a lot of small canvases and frames so I decided to keep doing small works.  Plus it’s fun!  Can I say Christmas gifts anyone?  If you want it,  let me know before it’s gone!

Sandpiper Brood

My newest painting doing something a little different.  I wanted to use the unprimed canvas as part of the painting, so I used clear gesso before starting.  I’ve left portions unpainted, and used a very light hand with the background.  The overall effect is very soft and serene.  The painting is 14×38 in size, so very hard to photograph to show sharp detail.  I took the photo while walking the beach on Lover’s Key Florida, one of my favorite places.    If interested in seeing in person let me know!

Day 30

 A little 5 x 5 picture done a little differently than I normally do. It was fun and I think I might try this  again sometime. I missed a few days in the challenge, I did some paintings I didn’t want to post, but overall I’m very happy that I did the challenge and I have a bunch of little paintings for sale if you’re interested!

Day 26

A very busy weekend made me miss a couple days. Here is an 8 x 10 of a yellow hibiscus. I may want to go back and brighten up the whites and yellows, So I’m not sure if it’s quite done yet.